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You’ve walked the halls, spent time in the library, and out on the practice field. Now? This chapter of our journey is about to come to an end. And, NOW, is the time freeze those magical moments in print.

The first step? Finding a photographer. It’s going to be the first decision of many in the process of planning a your senior photo session. The good news is once you’ve chosen M3 Creative, the hardest decision in that planning process is over! Now you have a personal guide… a partner to help that vision of your dream portrait come to life.

Our Signature Experience is a custom, personalized process from beginning to end. It is the perfect choice for those who want and demand luxury service and quality.

Where Do We Start?

One of the first questions we ask at M3 Creative is also the most important question in the process:

Where will your photos live? On the wall? In an album?

Why is this the first question we ask? Just like a 3 Michelin star gourmet chef can't plan a stellar award winning dinner without ingredients, we can't plan the dream session you envision unless we know what you want your end result to be. How do we do that exactly? We start at the finish line! Our simple 4-step process is the key to that end result and your photography vision becoming a reality!

The Consultation
The Session
The Ordering Appointment
The Delivery

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Step 1:  The Consultation:

Great portrait sessions do not happen by accident. They need to be thought out and well planned. At the consultation, we find out what your goals are for the session. What images are most important to you, what time of year and what look you would like for your portraits. Then we will move onto what you want to do with your images. 

We often get asked about digital images during the consultation. Through our experience, we have learned most of our clients don't do anything with the digital files of their images more than sharing them on social media. Your family is beautiful, your biggest source of joy, and we believe they are your most treasured masterpiece. Your images deserve to be displayed rather than hidden in a desk drawer or forgotten on a hard drive.

During our consultation, we will discover exactly how you want to display your images of your precious family. Is it Custom Wall Art? A Beautiful Album? A Folio Box or perhaps Framed Portraits? The options are as varied and unique as you are.

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Step 2: The Session

At the session, we put all our planning into action and create beautiful images of your family. Sessions take place in my Peoria based studio or on location through out the Peoria area. Choose from your favorite locations or select a location from my super secret list of locations across Peoria and the surrounding communities.


Step 3: The Ordering Appointment

This is the fun part! This is where you get to see exactly what we planned come to life. Images will be displayed in appropriate sizing on one of our television or projection screens. Be sure to provide snapshots of your home where these new masterpieces will live so we can show you what your images will look like in correct sizing on your own wall.

We will sit and view your images, review display options, design albums, talk about cards or announcements and bring your plan to life. This is the point where we design those one of a kind, custom items for you to display in your home and enjoy for generations. Be sure to bring anyone who has input on this part of the process, especially that reluctant spouse. They probably want to have a say in the images you display in your home.


Step 4: Delivery and Installation

Approximately 6-8 weeks after your Selection and Ordering Appointment I will set up a time with you to deliver your portraits. We will confirm a date, time, and location for delivery. I am happy to deliver them to your home or even your place of employment if that is more convenient. If you need a hand with the installation, we can even assist with that process as well.

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