A look behind the lens...

Meet the Artist

Excuse me while I take off my "Mom Goggles" for a minute...

Ok, so by now you probably know I was that student in high school that did EVERYTHING!!  Yep!  Cheerleading.  Show Choir.  Basketball.  Marching Band.  Drum Major.  Auxiliary.  Student Physical Trainer.  School Musical.  School Play.  Drama Club.

Yep, and it wasn't just music and sports.  I was also on the student council, scholastic bowl, National Honor Society, named Illinois State Scholar, received multiple awards... The list could go on and on and on.

Like any other high school senior in Central Illinois, I got my senior photos done at the photography studio in town, and they turned out great!  But, do you know what I never got to do?!  Fun and creative senior photos that featured all the cool things I did in high school.

Yep!  And that's what inspired me to become the photographer I am today.  I get to make sure YOU get those bomb photos featuring all things that make you - YOU!

Oh!  While I'm busy learning all about you and what makes you unique... I'm also raising two future Dunlap Eagles (ages 8 and 5).


Let's hang out.


We're doing this!

we will be in contact soon.